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Balance Training Progression for Injury and and Fall Prevention

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Marching-Holding on to a chair or counter march slowly and as you gain confidence try decreasing your support to one hand and then no hands.

Chair Squat-from the sitting position in the middle of a chair seat move your nose over your knees and stand up, hold 5 seconds with head and chest up, push hips back and return to the middle of the chair seat

Now we will train balance with a narrowed base of support using the Tandem Stance Hold and Tight Rope Walk

Single Limb Stance-try standing on one leg for 20 seconds. When you are confident challenge your neuromuscular stability systems by adding movement. Perform this movement on both sides.

As you improve this exercise will challenge your balance and stability systems in 3 planes of movement. To further challenge your balance add a resistance band above your knees. Perform this movement on both sides.

A Romanian Dead lift challenges your balance from different gravitational centers within your base of support. Once you can perform the movement with confidence, try loading this arc of motion with a weight. Perform this movement on both sides.

A sincere thank you to Shannon and Lilly Freeman-Striegel for this education video! Shannon completed her Exercise Science Major, Clinical Practicum with us from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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