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Clinical Internship and Thank You

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Comments and Thank You

Thank you so much for an increadible clinical experience. I am extremely excited for my future career, and I am so happy I have had the opportunityto learn from you. Thank you for being passionate about the field and taking students like myself. I am happy to visit anytime!

Thank you so much for allowing me to have such an awesome and memorable first clinical. The skills I have learned from you will stay with me forever and help me as a clinician greatly. You have been an amazing clinical instructor, and any future students you may have are extremely lucky! Thank you for everything you have done for me! I will miss you all!

Its Hard to put into words how thankful I am for the last 13 weeks. This experience has been a major point of growth on my path to becoming who I want to be. I am grateful for you sharing your knowledge of manual techniques, MDT, and functional movement assessment, but also for matching my energy everyday. For inspiring me! For the laughs! I am glad to have found a mentor.... and see you have started dancing "later in life".

Thank you so much for helping me and teaching ways to be a great physical therapist. I really learned from the best. I have gained confidence, and improved in being personable. I am really going to miss you guys and thank you once again for all you have taught me. I will take on these lessons for a lifetime.

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