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Shoulder Mobility/ROM Exercises

Cervical Retraction Posture Correction

Sweep head back over shoulders driving chest upward, move into a stretch/strain and move further each time for 10 reps with a 3 second hold

Correct spine and body posture in sitting as set 1 in treating shoulder pain and stiffness

Glenohumeral Flexion Mobilization

With a stick of golf club use the (pictured) right arm to move the left arm up into a stretch, hold 3 seconds, repeat 15 times 1-3 sets

Glenohumeral External Rotation Mobilization

With a stick of golf club use the (pictured) right arm to rotate the left arm back holding the elbow at 90 degrees bend, move into a stretch, hold 3 seconds, repeat 15 times,

1-3 sets

Prayers Stretch

Hold abdominals tight and spine in neutral, rock hips back toward heals as your arms straighten into a shoulder and latisimus dorsi stretch, hold 20 seconds, repeat 8 times

Shoulder Posterior Capsule Mobilization

With elbow at shoulder height and shoulders stacked push (pictured) left arm into a stretch using the right arm, hold 10 seconds, repeat 10 times

Scapulo-Thoracic Mobilization

Rock but back onto heels, (pictured) with right hand behind neck turn right arm and spine upward into a stretch/strain, hold 3 breath cycles, return to neutral and repeat 8 times each side

Pectoral, Biceps and Median Nerve Mobilization

(Pictured) with right arm straight and hand on wall, push into wall with left hand turning torso into a right pectoral stretch/strain, hold 20 seconds, return and repeat 8 times

Glenohumeral Repeated Extension Mobilization

With Arm straight and hand on counter lunge into a shoulder stretch strain position, hold 3 seconds, repeat 10 times, 2-3 sets

Scapulohumeral Neuromuscular Activation W's

Bring Elbows back and down bringing shoulder blades together and pushing chest up, rotate hands back, hold 10 seconds, repeat 10 times

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