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Pain Management and Physical Therapy Intervention

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Pain Mechanism Classification Systems are used to identify patients at high risk for psychosocial factors that may effect treatment outcomes. At risk patients are identified by high psychosocial, fear avoidance, pain and disability questionnaire scores, often on the initial visits.

Pain Mechanism Classification System intervention may use cognitive‐behavioral therapy for patients with high psychosocial risk factors. Graded movement and motivational interviewing can be used in this approach.

This recent clinical trail by Werneke, et. al. demonstrates a patient centered classification system alternative, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), to Pain Mechanism Classification System approaches.

In MDT, movement in a direction of preference empowers the patient by providing an opportunity for the successful self management of chronic pain. The MDT method challenges the patient's perception of disability by establishing that there is no harm with movement.

Illuminated in this study, MDT intervention successfully emphasizes patient education and independence to create a strong system of biopsychosocial intervention. MDT clinicians are trained to recognize psychosocial factors (including fear avoidance behavior and passive coping strategies) that can be overcome to empower the patient in their recovery.

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Validation of a pain mechanism classific
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